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Carter Bennett is a dedicated golf professional that belongs to the PGA of Canada.

Graduating in 2013 with a degree in Psychology, he wanted to work with golfers to improve their games through a holistic approach. Carter has several years of experience directing youth sport camps and in more recent years has worked at high end golf facilities including Toronto Golf Club and Weston Golf C.C.. Carter has worked with Juniors of all levels, coaching with Golf Performance Coaches, Weston Golf Development Teams and the York Regional Golf Team.

Carter continues to pursue opportunities to improve his knowledge in helping more people play better golf.

"My passion for golf and my education has taken me down a path where I can apply my knowledge in an environment that I love. My philosophy is holistic with a strong belief in the idea that thought preceeds motion. My mission is to make golf a game for everyone to play, develop and enjoy forever."Coach Carter

TPI certified level 1 Junior level 2

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    - Swing assessment
    - TPI Body-Swing Connection
    - Revisiting the Fundamentals
    - Equipment Evaluation
    - Drills and exercises for swing development
      and/or maintenance
    - Putting exercises*
    - Short game assessment and exercises*
    - TrackMan – launch monitor*

    *dependent on facility

    - Opti-Brain
    - Opti-Train
    - Mindfulness training
    - Power of the Breath
    - TPI Screening
    - Individual Physical Training Plans
    - Group training sessions
    - Course - Management
    - Self - Management
    - Rules of Golf
    - Golf Etiquette

rates                                                           coaching package
    1-HOUR RATE: $100
    5 LESSON PACK: $450

    A coaching package is for the golfer who is committed towards development. Packages can consist of any or all of the services listed. A plan will be developed to best suit the needs and wants of the golfer after an initial assessment. Packages will be priced on a monthly basis depending on the commitment level of the player.

about     services     instagram     contact

about     services     instagram     contact

(416) 428-1361.     Toronto, ON.

about     services     instagram     contact