Theresa is a fourth semester Early Childhood Education student at The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. She began her career in Early Childhood Education abroad, teaching English in a private school in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

Previous to this experience, she attended York University, majoring in English Literature, but found that her major did not allow her to explore her own creativity. While teaching in China, Theresa daveloped a passion for working with children, while also exploring the surrounding mountain area of Hangzhou, and learning Mandarin.

Currently, Theresa works at a private golf course in Toronto and attends classes as well as field placement. Her first placement experience was at Willowridge Early Years and Childcare Centre where she worked with preschoolers; her second placement experience was at Three R's Schoolhouse working with toddlers; her third placement experience was at West Humber Junior Middle School in the Junior and Senior Kindergarten room.

At the moment, she is working in the infant room at the Humber College Child Development Centre. She intends to graduate in April of 2017 and enter the workforce of Registered Early Childhood Educators.

In her leisure time, Theresa enjoys engaging in the arts. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing short stories, fables, and prose. She is continuously working on her first fictional novel. Theresa is interested in movies and television, and exploring the diverity of current media.

Theresa is a feminist and an activist for equality, equity and inclusive practices both in Early Childhood Education and society as a whole. She enjoys cooking and baking, and is constantly looking for new recipes to try. She lives at home with her boyfriend, Scott.
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